"Some moments are nice, some are nicer, and some are even worth writing about" 

Charles Bukowsky

In my life I've learned to appreciate each season and moment I have been given. One of my favorite bible verses is Ecclesiastes 3:1. The chapter talks about how there is a season and purpose for everything. We live in such a fast paced world, where I constantly find myself saying "time flies." For this reason I decided to document my moments "worth writing about" on this page in an attempt slow time down, even a little. 

Giuliana (my daughter) turns one in just a few weeks. She is such a delightful baby, full of energy and sass! As she's develops I want to document and sort of 'journal' through each phase. I LOVE to inspire others to live out their full life and TRULY ENJOY each season at hand. Don't let life just "pass by", take pictures, enjoy the moments.