ripped denim

ripped denim






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Benevolent Jewels

H E L L O!

I've had such busy weeks lately, that I had almost forgot to talk about my latest obsession - black ripped denim. I scored these little gems at H&M a few weeks ago and I've been wearing them ever since! Finally, I got around to doing a post about them! Fall and Winter is filled with dark denim. Especially black (staple color); but not just black regular jeans but, black RIPPED jeans. People have asked me if I did these myself, and I laugh because it does look like a DIY. But no, ladies and gents, they came like this and I love every hole in them! hahaha!

Another little gem I scored is this pearl necklace (SO CLASSY AND PERFECT) from one of my favorite online jewelry boutiques - 

Benevolent Jewels

. Absolutely love their site and how you shop AND support a cause: To help Patriot Paws (veteran dogs). So every purchase you make helps the life of a furry veteran dog, which is simply amazing.