V I N T A G E C A R O U S E L P T 1

V I N T A G E        C A R O U S E L          P T  1

"The most precious jewels you will have around your neck are the arms of your child" 

OUR baby girl turns one in just a few days, so in honor of her I've decided to do a #Giulianaluciaturns1 series.

She has made our lives so much better; and as you can tell, we are head over heels for this little piece of heaven. Words can't describe how much I love Giuliana, she's the most precious gift I have ever received. I'm FOREVER grateful to God for entrusting her to me.

We recently did a photo shoot with our friend Melissa from

Simply Captivating

. I had been dreaming of doing a shoot in this Carousel for months; so we finally decided to do it for her 12 month shoot.  I just love the vintage feel this carousel gives. I couldn't be more pleased with these pics, I love them! Blessed to call these TWO mine!

P.S. part 2 will be a breakdown of mine and baby G's outfit. sooooo stay tuned!