Button down shirt dress + mom style


Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters

 Shoes: Bcbgeneration loving



Daniel Wellington

 Hat: The boutique similar


Happy Thursday! 

As most of you know, I began bloggin because I wanted to document my journey as a new mom. One of my most valuable goals I have with this blog is the fact that I want to

 inspire women and especially young moms to live and feel your best through fashion in every season of life. As stay-at-home moms we deal with real life feelings like feeling lost and confused as to what our purpose is. YES, your primary reason and job description is to be a MOM - to nurture and protect; to love and correct; and to teach and inspire. However, there is no doubt you could lose your sense of purpose as you're shaping someone else's life. You may feel like that is all you do, and that your life doesn't matter, but what you do for others is what really matters most! Do not get me wrong, fashion is not the solution to feeling purposeless or lack of vision and hope. At all! But one thing I have learned as a stay-at-home mom: YOU CANNOT spend ALL day in your raggy clothes. It will just make you feel worse, and like I've mentioned before, fashion is just a tool we could use to lift up our self-esteem. I believe God is the answer, leaving your life in HIS hands and investing and spending time with HIM (through reading His word, prayer, & attending church) is the only way to find out your true purpose in life. 

Hope this helps someone along your journey. Know you are not alone!

With that being said, now lets talk fashion! I really love and enjoy being unique and discovering my style within each piece I buy. That doesn't mean I don't draw inspiration from other beautiful bloggers I follow, but it means that I look for items that really fit my life, style, body and shape. Not everything you see on a mannequin, model or blogger totally fits you. Spend some time building your style .

I love hats, I already confessed that in a previous post. I wear them a lot. Not just when I take blog pics. I try to incorporate them in my everyday lifestyle. They are just me lately. lol! This look is very simple, kinda obsessed with this long and oversized button down shirt/dress from urban outfitters. It is so comfy and versatile. It could be worn with jeans or shorts. You could dress is up or dress it down. Totally your choice.

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