Bandana Neck Scarf


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Neck scarf: Zara similar





Tory Burch


Daniel Wellington


Have you ever found yourself wearing the same thing over and over and feel stuck in your style? Spring is here, and perhaps you're not a flowery pattern kind of gal and don't like some of the prints that are out there. Well, I totally understand you! Yes I am a risk taker and I love trying new things, but its very rare you will find me in a crazy print or very weird festive colors. I feel like I FINALLY found my style. After being a chameleon for many years and going from trend to trend I would say for the past 2 years I have been committed to buying and investing in timeless pieces that will always work (no matter what season we are in). However, that does NOT mean I won't be on trend with the latest things out there. What I always try to do is incorporate ONE or TWO new and trendy elements in my ensemble. It could be a lip color, a hat, a necklace, shoes, etc. From there I shoot for the rest to remain as timeless and neutral as possible. I want to be able to look back at pics and say, "Oh wow! That was cool!" rather than #NOT. So, my tip for all you stylish mommies out there is to check what's out there and what is in style now. See what fits your body and style best and begin with one item at a time. You don't have to feel outdated, pick timeless pieces and have a little fun with the rest.  I can't stress it enough, create a style that looks effortless.

So this Bandana scarf trend has been out for a little bit, I've seen it most on some monochromatic looks on some of my favorites fashion icons. Oh, and boys wear them too! Google it.  

Hope this helps!


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