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Free people

“Beauty begins with the moment you decide to be yourself.” COCO CHANEL

I posted this quote on the blog a while back, and I honestly couldn’t agree more. We live in a world where we are constantly being pressured to be




portrayed by someone else – usually from some sort of media outlet. Don’t get me wrong, like I mentioned last week, I love social media, especially Instagram. I like following other fashion bloggers that inspire me and evoke new ideas. Our imagination and ability to create is a gift from God, and we should tap into it; but it is unhealthy to meander from our true self just to try and fit in. There are those that address weight and appearance standards that lead others to terrible eating habits and deep insecurities, which once again, stray us far from the whole person God has created us to be. You were created in God’s very own imagination and then spoken into existence; this is the highest level of comfort and inspiration we can ever draw from.

I discovered my love for fashion probably around the same time as most girls, which was as soon as I discovered mom’s closet filled with treasures such as shoes and jewelry! Right ladies?! Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and speaking without words. It is an avenue to which you can create your own adventures, and I love it. Besides dressing up, the coolest part of fashion is the process of searching for trends and the latest styles that fit my age and body. Mixing styles, colors and textures is so fun! Don’t be scared to do this, since with great risk can come great reward and you’ll regret every opportunity you don’t take to live life to the fullest. I’ve received testimonies about how an outfit I wore has inspired someone, and this is so humbling. Friends and other women I don’t know have asked for tips and guidance and I find it so cool that we can all learn from each other if we’re willing to step out of our shells and reach out.

Now lets talk fashion....Suede is the leather of the season.... Can't get enough of this incredible material, so soft & comfy for an everyday look, or dress it up for a night around town. Boyfriend jeans are here to stay. The more holes they have, the better. And who doesn't love white pumps? Well, I do! I love anything white! So crisp and clean. You could never go wrong with neutrals.