bell bottoms & fringe skirt

Top: Zara Similar


Jeans & Hat

Free People

Cross body: H&M similar


Fringe Skirt:

Mini mannikin


Baby Gap



Im so excited about this post, because I just absolutely love this fringe skirt on my buttercup. As many of you know and follow me on IG, part of my bio says "blogging my journey through life, motherhood and fashion". Well, today's topic is motherhood and its craziness. haha! There are days, weeks, and seasons MUCH harder than others, and for me, it has been one of those weeks. We are approaching the final stages of teething (molars) and for what I've read this is absolutely painful and frustrating for any kid. Well, as I've talked to some moms, they have shared how teething has never affected their child's behavior, which is SO GREAT! But that has not been the case for G. Lately, we have encountered lots of tantrums and just wanting to be attached to me from the moment she opens her eyes, to the minute she closes them. For all you stay-at-home moms, you know how this could be such a challenge. Completing 1 of 10 tasks in the day is a miracle! 
I always look back at weeks like this and think 2 things to myself, what a week, and what an honor to be going through this. I know a lot of women who've had a tough time trying to conceive a child, and what has been thee most impacting thing for me while encountering these fearless and beautiful women & friends, is how joyful they are in the midst of their journey. That in itself is so admirable and makes my "crazy" weeks seem so lame! #forreal. That is why I believe that motherhood is a privilege, and I don't take it for granted. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle of life, we forget our highest calling as MOMS is to shape someone else's life. So I am just so thankful for this week!
Well let's talk fashion! Flare jeans or bell bottoms are in ladies, and I couldn't be more excited. The 60's & 70's vibe is totally my thing and I love it. I love how fashion always comes back every few decades. I've notice my past 2 posts that I have been wearing white tops. YES! I LOVE WHITE, that is no secret. I literally have to stop myself from buying white tops all.the.time. However, this is me, this is my style, not trying to be something else, but rather what I look and love to wear on a daily basis.
 I almost dropped dead when I put this skirt on Giuliana. It is perfection. I found this amazing boutique (Mini Mannikin) on IG and I am obsessed! I love their effortless style for kids clothing, and I might of gone crazy shopping on their site. 


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