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It is no secret I LOVE HATS! I have been wearing them for a while. When I was younger I used to wear all kinds of hats, I was always obsessed with them, then I hit my teenage years and I wore baseball caps & trucker hats (remember those LOL) I then had a hat break since my husband was not too fond of them, he thought they were weird, #whatvs... but once I married him and had that ring on my finger and hat season came around, I started wearing them ALL over again! lol! GUYS! they are just the best accessory you could have, if your hair is dirty and not cooperating that day? you could just throw on a hat! Is your outfit a bit blah and needs a picker upper? throw on a hat!!!! Problem is now I can't seem to stop buying them. It becomes a problem when you have 3 different black hats and your husbands asks you why are you buying another black? and your response is "its a different shade of black" #truestory. Anyhow, take advantage of hat season ladies, they come and go just like everything else in fashion. 

As my hat obsession continues I am trying to make my daughter as obsessed with hats as I am. so I literally buy her tons of them, hoping eventually she will leave one on for 1 full hour. Slowly but surely, I know it will happen. We are obsessed with this adorable dress from Baby Dino best material and print, so easy to style and wear. 

I've shared before how crazy difficult it is to blog with a 1 1/2 yr old baby. Well, today's post is proof of just that. I forgot part of my outfit in the car and remembered half way through shooting these pics. I was too busy running behind a toddler. The amazing and oh so talented Yesi from simplylively.com is so patient with us, words just can't describe. It's hard when you are trying to photograph a baby who's mission is to conquer the world any moment she has.  


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