How to add style to your wardrobe

Happy Friday Eveeeeee

The weekend is almost here and we couldn't be happier! Life is crazy these days running after a toddler. I wish I had taken all those naps I denied to take before having Giuliana! zzzzzzz!

I come across a lot of moms that say, "oh I could never pull that look off!", or "that only looks good on you.", or a very common one is "I could never wear that.", and I honestly wish that you would buy it and just TRY IT!

Knee high sandals are such a trendy item to wear this season. From designer ones to budget friendly, we have them all! For me, they make wearing shorts A LOT easier. They hide my white legs. So, I’ve gathered a couple of tips to help you try new trends:

1. First step is to educate yourself with what’s on trend (read blogs, go on pinterest, buy magazines).

2. Buy items that you would love to wear but never have before.

3. Try these items at home with simple pieces, try to focus on showing off one item at a time.

4. Take pics and send them to your girlfriends, ask for the opinions of those you trust.

5. If you have never tried edgy & new trends (like knee high sandals), don’t' pair them with wild patterns like palm trees, which are totally in. Stick to more subtle and simple pieces (white, black, denim, grays - neutrals!)

6. Once you feel comfortable with one trend, go ahead and mix it with another one (like seen here, I tried it with my long vest).

7. Then repeat these steps all over again!

Obsessed with G's new shoes. Mini Melissa's have been a favorite since before she was born! She had the popular black cat face ones for a year and half, but now I was able to get these new models which are slip on, easy to wear, comfy, and she's totally in love with them too! #thebest


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