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Hey friends,

I couldn't be more excited about this post. I have been waiting to wear and shoot this gear from my friends over at You Are Life movement by Taylor Madu. 

If you know me well, you know that I am always on the hunt for some great mommy and me matching pieces. I absolutely love matching with G, and I feel like this is the time to do it, where she can't give me no for an answer. Eventually she will have her own style, taste and instinct for fashion, but in the mean time I will pick it for her! haha! :)

You Are Life supports a home for unwed mothers that choose LIFE for their babies. The home is called Hope Mansion, in which they "exist to break the chain of generational poverty and hopelessness by providing women in crisis pregnancy a loving, structured, residential environment, as well as the necessary time, resources, and support for them and their babies to become productive, well-balanced citizens. Hope Mansion uniquely addresses the despair and hopelessness of a woman in crisis. And it is here that she will find a safe place where she can decide what is best for her and her baby."

Fashion that gives life & hope? Is there anything greater? We live in a self-centered world, where everything could easily become ALL about us, not realizing there is so much need ALL around us. HOPE, SALVATION & LOVE could be found in our Savior Jesus Christ. It's time to let others know, we are loved and that HE is LIFE. Check out her site at - you will love it! 

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