Denim skirt & Overalls

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Hey guys,


! Its been a little while since I've posted. We have been out of town and a little busy on this end working on some exciting new projects, and it has left me with little time to shoot and post. However, I try to always post a little #ootd on my IG page so you could keep up with us! HA!

Jean skirts are totally the new jam if you haven't noticed. I feel like 2015 spring and summer was filled with lots of denim, overalls & jean skirts. These are totally my style and fashion language. Off the shoulder bohemian tops are easy to wear and hide all those unwanted areas we don't like to show at times. They are girly without being "too revealing".  As a mom, I think its important to know what truly fits this season in your life without looking out of your element.

I honestly like fashion, and love everything it entails. However, my faith plays a HUGE part of my everyday life. I serve at VOUS church here in Miami and volunteer many hours to see my city changed. I love reaching out to those that need a place to belong and to be loved. This past weekend I was challenged in so many areas of my life. I feel like if we are not challenged then are we really growing? I truly desire to be a better mom, wife, sister, friend, and daughter. So, for that reason I wanted to share a thought I recently heard this past weekend which truly challenged me.

Gratitude - an essential ingredient to a JOYFUL life! Gratitude is seen in your attitude, and people who are grateful are joyful, and joy IS strength. I was just reminded how gratitude dictates our altitude. Gratitude opens doors for you, it helps you enjoy life a little deeper. I just could go on and on with sermon notes here, but I just wanted to point out that its such an easy thing, but yet we don't do it enough. If we were grateful for EVERYTHING we have in life, our perspective will change.