G's ice cream party


It's been an eventful couple of weeks! We celebrated Giuliana's 2nd birthday, and it was all a dream! I chose the whimsical/chic ice cream theme for this special celebration. I really wanted to do this theme last year, but I went with the vintage royal theme instead

see here. 

This party was at a park that had a beautiful playground right next to it. I could only wish that this kind of playground was around when I was a kid. To go with out theme we used existing picnic tables, and we decorated using some home decor and custom made pieces. Plus, we had the cutest minnie mouse bounce house that 

power party events

provided for the very first time. What kid doesn't love a bounce house?

I collaborated with many shops to make this party a dream come true. I couldn't thank my family (hubby, sister's in law, brothers, moms and friends) enough for helping me on this big day. My sister is truly the best co-party planner, without her I couldn't have done it! What can I say, I am BLESSED!

Let's talk about the cake, I wish you could taste it! It tasted better than it looks. My sister in law who runs 

Something Sweet by Flo

is pretty amazing and talented. Her work is one-of-a-kind and she is "hands down" the best baker in MIAMI.

Efhamar and Sienna 

 have been a dream to work with! They sent over so many goodies, such as all frill balloons, tassels, and garlands to give it that chic touch. They are the sweetest most incredible people to work with.

Loving all these pics by 

Liz Castro,

she is the sweetest and most patient photographer. Have you ever photographed a kids party? Me either! She is more than a dream to work with, her talent and creativity is next level.

Want to win a kids heart? Make giant bubbles. Best idea ever! Thanks to our sweet friends Sam & Angel for doing this, the kids were over the top excited.

There are some blogs that can truly make your event dream a reality. I always look forward to sharing ideas and experiences and this is essentially why I blog. I've been inspired by so many gifted people, so I want to inspire others. Below you will find a breakdown of the 'what' and 'who' where I got everything! Please follow and check them out. I'm sure they will inspire you too!

All pics taken by:

Mrs Liz Castro

Cake, cake pops & cookies:

Something sweet by Flo

Frill ballons, mini garland, confetti pop:

Efhamar and sienna 


Katie K Franklin

"Two" Banner:

Le creme Boutique

G's dress:

Oh dear clothes

Ice cream stand:

Carved Woodworks

We love ice cream banner:

Meri Meri 

Giant ice cream coin bank:

Ice cream cups and topping scoopers:

Sucre Shop

My outfit all from F21-