bomber jacket

bomber jacket

Have you ever asked yourself what God thinks about beauty? Growing up I was confused thinking God wanted me to look "not that pretty" I grew up in an 

environment that

 if I dressed up too much, wore too much make up I was then causing too much attention and believed "God doesn't like that". I tried imitating other people growing up and compare myself often to those around me. Only to find out that comparison is the thief of JOY.  A few year back (10 yrs 


) God g

ently and quietly, began to whisper to my heart. “I have a completely different pattern for your beauty, He seemed to say. “One that reflects my glory and not the empty charm of this world.”

The revelation left me feeling excited, but also a bit nervous. Would allowing God to trasform my beauty cause me to become ugly? I pictured myself walking around in a dowdy, gray, tent-like dress and with a blank expression on my makeup-less face, my hair pinned in a tight, unattractive bun. The vision made me nervous. Did God have any interest in a young woman being outwardly pretty? Or was He so consumed with inward beauty that He considerd any physical beauty as unhealthy and unspiritual?

I had no idea what God’s pattern was supposed to look like. However, this is what I learned and what he reveled to me in that season of my life. 

Beauty is seen in your 


Beauty is heard in you 


Beauty is sensed in your attitude

Beauty is not just what you see, it is much deeper than that. 

God is not against anyone taking care of themselves, eating healthy, exercising, dressing up. We were created in HIS image. Everything He made is beautiful, so that tells you something about our creator. He's a detailed designer and loves beautiful things, but don't 


 the most important aspects of inner beauty along with your 


- your speech and your attitude.

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