Denim jumpsuit

Denim jumpsuit

Happy Friday FRIENDS!

It was back to school week and G is officially in school. Yes, in school... :*( After almost 3 yrs Giuliana is officially in K2. Shes adapting so well. On her first day she basically didn't even notice when my husband and I left the room. Of course, as first time parents we took 100 pics (and video!). It was the best first day ever. I was in tears the whole morning, because I felt like this season is going to make her grow up even faster. They go from babies to kids, and I'll surely miss those baby days.

I chose to stay at home with her for the first 2 yrs and 10 months of her life (thankful to my husband for this). I didn't want to miss anything and honestly I love being with her. I couldn't be any happier with that decision, I'm truly enjoying the journey. She made me a mom, she gave me the best (almost) 3 yrs of my life. She's a dream.

Now lets talk fashion, because I'm very excited about this post.

Who doesn't love an easy outfit? I think as women we ALL do! Jumpsuits are adults onesies. Ha! I am always on the hunt for them, if it fits well, and is a classic color (white, black, gray or denim) I get it. They are a must have in my closet within this season of my life as a mom. They just work, if you want to switch it up you could add a jacket, vest or hat to revamp the look. G's pants are like mini culottes. Old Navy always has trendy pieces for great prices for kids. Check them out!

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