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the mommy lifestyle blog

The 90's called and she wants her outfit back! How many of you did the tee with a slip dress over in the early 90's as a kid or teen? I did! And the chokers, and the vests. Oh, I love 90's fashion! It's incredible how fashion always keeps coming back every few decades.

I began documenting my journey as a mom when I was preggo with G. I had to get very creative with my outfits and try to pull it together without having to buy maternity clothes. (I refused to buy maternity clothes and my only exception was one pair of jeans in 9 months of my pregnancy) It was there, where the mommy fashion journey began. I documented my preggo journey until I was ready to pop. After becoming a mom, it took a while to find my path and to love my body again. I breastfed until Giuliana was almost 12 months. I felt like my body was not my own. It's hard to explain, but as a first time mom, the non sleeping, breast feeding, house chores and being a wife was not an easy season.

Before Giuliana was born, I was a busy person - worked 2 jobs and had tons of extra curricular activities happening. So, once this baby girl came to town I found myself just feeding, cleaning and baby watching It took a while for me to find my passion once again, to love my body again, to find a trend that fit me for the season that I was in (MOM style). I tried a lot of things, bought different stuff but still felt like I had not found my jam. It all happened when I searched my heart before God (Psalm 139:23) and had a moment of honesty that the Lord began to reshape my thinking.

I understood the gift I was given, the time under heaven and the journey at hand. I began to say things like "my best days are now", "enjoy this moment", "cherish the journey", "life is a gift." It was then that I began to love my new and crazy life. I decided to document my journey and began shooting with little baby G. I did it more so for memories, but I soon realized that Giuliana is going to love looking at these pics when she's older, it's going to be a gift for her. Plus, I began hearing people tell me, "your posts inspire me as a mom." I decided to take on the hobby and turn it into a motivation to all the mommas out there.

It was during this new season in my life that I met


 Honestly, Leeana (shop owner) is one of the sweetest and most down to earth people ever! She introduced me to Yesi from

, so I am forever grateful for the connection, lol. It was in the early stages of and documenting my "mommy and me" fashion that we fell in love with little Shop & Co. Love all her products and her customer service. Truly, they are one of the best!

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