ice cream dates & vintage cars

ice cream dates & vintage cars

Sweater: Zara  Jeans: Topshop  Shoes:YSL 

Sweater: Target Skirt: Peek Shoes: Zara Kids




What tops savoring vanilla ice cream in a drop top vintage ride coasting down Little Havana?  Rainbow sprinkles duh, I’m not a savage. 

As a creative, (side note: utilizing the right side of my brain to create, construct, dance, or design, makes me feel fully alive), I’ve been in an inspirational funk of sorts.  It can be challenging to create content that inspires without looking like an ad or other trending bloggers.  Admittedly, I feel too old to be doing this at times, but I am quickly reminded why I started. It was to connect with 30-something moms to own motherhood and fashion.  Us moms, we don't always get it right, one day is a win and the next a whirlwind.  

Regardless of where we are in life, we have to 


 to be content and


 the journey.  Comparison is the thief of joy, we've heard this before, but that’s the idea behind blogging my motherhood journey, moms are not like other people.  We have dirty jeans, messy cars, crazy houses, wild toddlers, unprepared dinners, tons of dry shampoo and sinks filled with dirty dishes - THAT my friends IS a story to tell. It’s important to come back to the basics, your “why” = your most authentic self. 

I’m thankful for friends like Yesi, from

, who inspire me to color outside the lines.  What photographer says, "Let’s go get ice cream,” and pulls me out of my funk, flicking my creative switch. 

Loving these fringe jeans from Topshop.  They are THE comfiest and under $90!

What about these balloon sleeves?! Two trends I’m really digging at the moment and two pieces you must try!

Oh and yes, the rainbow sprinkles topped vanilla – G’s choice, she’s a traditionalist.  

P.S. Thanks to the classic convertible owner for letting us take a spin!

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