Part 2- My unsolicited advice to moms

Part 2- My unsolicited advice to moms

Keep calm and coffee on, am I right? 

No, but for real, I have been so busy! I have tons of pictures and content to share but not as much time to post. This is what happens when you are a mom who wears many hats. I'm definitely not complaining though, I'm actually enjoying this season, because I know it's temporary. Ha! 

So, without further ado, here's part 2 of my unsolicited advice to moms.  You may be asking, Geri, why are you giving advice to moms?

I remember when I first had Giuliana wishing more moms shared their life and experience with me. Nighttime reading is my thing, from articles to blogs - I love it. I found there wasn't a lot of content on motherhood and well, here I am. 

1. For every "no" there's a "yes."

Have a YES day or night. Sometimes I catch myself telling her no so many times that it makes me feel bad, in my heart. I was gifted this advice by another mom: You have to say YES more. 

2. Do things your kids enjoy. 

We're humans we can be selfish (yes, even when it comes to our own children). Sometimes we want them to adapt and behave in places that are not kid friendly. Or want them to sit still awhile. Why not treat them to something special and simple? Take them to the park, grab an ice cream, and my fave *hello $1 section at Target! *

3. Dance parties > laundry. 

The dishes and hamper can wait. Life is too short and they grow up too fast. Pick a favorite, pump up the volume, and dance it. Get ready for fun and memories that will last. BTW: this is G's favorite thing at the moment, she asks for dance parties on the regular. 

4. No room for negative talk. 

Don't talk poorly about someone or something. From the day to day traffic, to health issues, to co-worker drama, it all is absorbed by our children. They are sponges. They sense it, hear it, see it, and feel it. You can be honest without being negative. Always speak life!

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