Confidence:The Ultimate Accessory. No Mascara, No Problem

Confidence:The Ultimate Accessory. No Mascara, No Problem

Bag c/o: Coach; Pants, top, & mules: Zara

Let's be real. We've all had a day (or two, three, etc.) where we've left the house without earrings and mascara. It basically feels like you're walking around naked right?! 

So, that's how I feel when I shoot alone sans G. She's my most important accessory, I get that naked feeling when she's not around. She's the reason why I even started blogging: to share our outfits and capture life. 

It sounds so sweet right? But it got me thinking. Our identity cannot be so caught up in our kids that we feel insecure without them. That we don't have our own identity outside of them. Confidence is a woman's best accessory. No relationship, person, or organization can dictate you, your place, or your value. Your value comes from God. Knowing this, we must stand tall, square our shoulders, and lift our chins up high. 

We have a worth and purpose and it goes far beyond being "___________'s mom."

Ok now for fashion,


. What can I say???  This past season their designs, handbags, and leather goods are out of this world gorgeous. Needless to say, I am hooked. This bag has been on daily repeat - the most spacious, lightest, and versatile bag I own.  

These incredible pictures were taken by the oh-so talented Ashley Sixto from

Spin Gallery 

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