Some assembly required

Some assembly required


This past Christmas was an exciting one for us, our 4 year old daughter is big enough to know what’s going on, she was so excited for the holiday season; and was the first time she wrote a letter to santa (with my help).

When she received her presents, she was surprised but also confident because she knew what she asked for. She ripped open each gift passionately. However, for Nick and I, the surprise was on us when we discovered that on most of her gifts, there was a large label on it that read, “SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED”.

What follows are several late night hours of squeezing "A" into "B," bolting "D" into "F," and hoping no one notices that you skipped steps 4, 5 and 6  altogether. Honest truth! HA!

Some assembly required. It's not the most welcome sentence, but it's an honest one. Right?

How many of you agree that-Marriage licenses should include those words and that babies should come out of the womb with those words on ankle bracelet

Life is a gift, although it comes disassembled. It comes in pieces and sometimes falls to pieces. Part A doesn't always fit Part B. The struggle seems large and inevitably, something is missing.

It's such a common problem. Who among us doesn't have an area of life that isn't working? How do you respond when the pieces don't fit? In frustration? In anger? OR, in prayer?

Take Mary, the mother of Jesus who is at a wedding in Cana that we know about only because Jesus is on the guest list! The wine ran out, and the Bible says that Mary brought the issue to Jesus. She said, “They have no wine.”

Knowing that this was a significant concern, notice that Mary:

  1. Did not demand anything, or tell Jesus what he needed to do.

  2. Did not criticize, or complain about how the wedding planner did not prepare better.

  3. Did not blame Jesus, or accuse him of not caring enough.

  4. Did not blame herself, and feel guilty that she didn’t have the solution.

Mary didn’t do any of those things. She didn’t whine about the wine. Instead, she stated the problem.

Jesus said: “Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come.”  His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

This wasn't the time nor the place He had planned to reveal his power. But then Mary entered the story: Mary, someone He loved, with a genuine need.

We know that Jesus’ first recorded miracle happens at this wedding, and there was enough wine for everyone!

When life doesn't fit, it's easy to worry or be critical or try to fix it. But let's let Mary be our model. She took her problem to Jesus and she left it there.


Cuffs & Bracelets by: @stampedbysloan 

Photos by: @Alecartidiello & @Ashleysixto @Spingallery