Motherhood. It Ain't Easy.

Motherhood. It Ain't Easy.
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“With what price we pay for the glory of motherhood" - Isadora Duncan 

I love this quote because it describes motherhood for me in one simple sentence. There is no price we could pay to experience this journey. The highest calling any woman could have is the one of being a mom. In my opinion, motherhood is an honor and a privilege. Yet, it also is synonymous with servanthood. Everyday we are called to selflessly put the needs of our children and family before our own. From late night feedings, to doctor’s visits, school drop offs, preparing meals, cleaning up messes, fixing problems, and discovering strengths you didn't even know you had. The list goes on.

I love being a mom, best feeling in the world, and I'm humbled by the opportunity to shape the next generation. Motherhood, is the best hood.

On another note, I love that we got to do this fun shoot for in my home (which I recently re-decorated). Nothing like being home with your toddler! Not sure about you, but I am a home body. Love to dress up and go out but nothing beats getting into some comfy clothes and staying home. There's something about well designed spaces, they make you feel better, don't you agree? You actually want to be there. For that reason, having a beautiful environment and home decor is key. 

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