Raising a strong willed daughter

Raising a strong willed daughter

What a joy to have a rambunctious daughter. The truth is, Giuliana brings my husband and I a lot of JOY every single day of our lives. So many people ask us, where did she get her personality from? Were you like this as a child? To be honest... I don't know if Nick or myself were this outgoing, expressive, determined and creative as a child. She's definitely a new creation! It's no secret that I'm raising a strong willed girl. Giuliana has strong opinions on almost everything that takes place in her life and our home. She's determined and knows what she wants. From her eating to her social life. She's 100 % convinced that her way is most likely and probably for sure the best way, lol. 

So, I've had to try to educate myself with articles, books (mostly audio), podcast because parenting is not for the weak! I want to do the best I possibly can with this tiny human I was given the privilege to raise up. Therefore, in order to be the best that I can be, I must surround myself with the best!

One great read has been, "Strong Willed Child" by Doctor James Dobson. He's one of the best Christian psychologists, and the founder of Focus On The Family. 

There's something he says in his book that has really stuck with me and I wanted to share with you all:

Theres a difference between breaking the spirit and shaping the will of the child. The human sprit - relates to the self esteem and the sense of personal worth- its meant to be handle with care at ALL ages. Anything that hurts the sense of self worth could be costly to the sprit and create a deep wound in their souls. The will is made of steel and it arrives in full weight the minute they are born if you witness a temper tantrum you know that kids could could cry for a long period of time and even hold their breath due to this tantrum. Such is the strength of the will.

How do we deal with these 2 components? 

The will and the spirit - by setting and defending reseasonable boundaries by never turning to anything that attacks the spirit of the child. Saying something like "You must do this because I said so, is speaking to the will of the child. Saying "You're so dumb, I can't believe you did this!" directly attacks and hurts the spirit of the child. We must shape the will without breaking the spirit.

Remember YOU can do this! You are not alone.